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viernes, septiembre 07, 2007

Robotech en el cine con Tobey Maguire

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Para los fanáticos de esta saga, Warner Bros. ha adquirido los derechos del clásico anime y manga Robotech.

"Estamos emocionados por traer 'Robotech' a la pantalla grande," dice Maguire ." Después de subir la paredes como Spiderman ahora supongo que va a ser piloto de un Robotech.

Para algunos la idea de Maguire como protagonsita es excelente pero estoy seguro que para otros no es buena idea. Pero dejando a un lado esto, pensemos que si Robotech es producido con la calidad como lo fue Transformer, podemos esperar una excelente pelicula.

Fuente: Hollywood Reporter

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Anónimo dijo...

Spanish authorities
accuse 14-year-old of terrorism:

!!Documentary Campaign!!!

Spanish authorities have prosecuted a child for terrorism! Incredible but true!

14-year-old Èric Bertran e-mailed companies requesting labeling in
Catalan language, using the "Phoenix" monicker from the Harry Potter
books. The Spanish police accused him of organizing an Al Qaeda cell.
The authorities took him all the way to the Spanish High Court.

From August 27 to September 2, we're getting the word out, through
blogs, press releases, and other media. Here's the idea: We want this
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Through this coordinated effort, with the help of new communications
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coverage of this case, and the true deficit of democracy in the
Spanish State, as well as the fact that the Catalan people are now
demanding their right to define themselves as a sovereign nation.

The documentary has been uploaded to YouTube in five parts. Here's the
link to the first part of the video, for the purposes of the mass


Read more about the bogus terrorism charge at: www.victoralexandre.cat

Juvenile Èric Bertran was prosecuted for demanding labelling in Catalan language, a right given to him by the Spanish Constitution. This is a democratic state within modern Europe?

Watch the video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3666585673568780060&hl=en

Or, see the film in 5 parts on YouTube, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIiRFSCgGu4

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